Ohio Scottish Games Report

Finally, a competition this year with pleasant weather! The Ohio Highland Games say a bright sunny day with temperatures in the mid-high 70s.

This was the first contest I’ve gone to in the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association, and the first time the Fountain Trust Pipe Band has attended a games in the association since I joined them in 2014. My brother, Alasdair, also was in attendance as a solo competitor in Grade 1. He is pursuing the Champion Supreme title for his grade in the EUSPBA, and that’s why he traveled to northern Ohio from North Carolina to compete.

The Fountain Trust Pipe Band placed last in a field of four. The result was less than the band was hoping for, but we collected good pointers from the judges and further developed plans on how to tackle the issues keeping us from the prize lists.

I once again did not compete in solos at this competition, but my brother did. He placed 1st in the Grade 1 Piobaireachd, 3rd in the Hornpipe/Jig and 6/8 March, and 4th in the MSR. Laureano Thomas-Sanchez took the Grade 1 piper of the day prize.

From here, the Fountain Trust Pipe Band is on mid-summer break. I will continue to practice with the intention of competing solos in the fall.

I apologize for the incomplete results list below.


1st – Great Lakes Pipe Band
2nd – Buffalo Bagpipe Band Club
Judges: Wilson, Bottomly, Brown, Hall/Bailiff

1st (1,1,2,1) – North Coast Pipe Band
2nd (2,2,1,2) – Buffalo Bagpipe Band Club
3rd (3,3,3,3) – 87th Cleveland Pipe Band (Challenged up from Grade 4)
Judges: Weithers, Bottomly, Brown, Bailiff

1st – 87th Cleveland Pipe Band
Judges: Wilson, Bottomly, Brown, Hall

1st – Cincinnati Caledonian Pipes & Drums
Judges: Bailiff, Weithers, Brown, Hall


My brother and I at the Ohio Scottish Games. June 24, 2017