Fountain Trust Pipe Band

This week we come to my current band, the Fountain Trust Pipe Band! The band is sponsored by the Fountain Trust Company, a financial company and bank based out of Covington, Indiana in Fountain County, which is where it gets its name. As of 2014, it is the only competitive pipe band in Indiana.

Fountain Trust Pipe Band

 Fountain Trust Pipe Band, 2015

Location: Covington, IN, U.S.A.

Founded: December 1999

Tartan: Modern Campbell of Argyll

Member: March 2014 – Present

Pipe Majors:

  • Campbell White

Drum Sergeants:

  • Jon Carter

Grade: IV

After living in Bloomington for two years, I returned to competitive bagpiping. When I re-entered competition, I also chose to get in touch with Indiana’s only competitive pipe band, and joined them. It took me a little bit of time to go from contacting the band to actually playing with them – I initially contacted them at the end of January, and did not attend a practice with them until the beginning of March.

Shortly after joining the band, I attended one of their band workshops with Brian Donaldson, the former principal of the Army School of Piping and former pipe major of the Scots Guards, and winner of quite a large number of solo awards. On the drum corps side, Alex Kuldell was the instructor, who is the lead drummer for the City of Washington Pipe Band. The workshop was a wonderful way to get to know the people in the band.

The first season I have played with the band was also the season the band made a big push for the Midwest Pipe Band Association’s Champion Supreme award for Grade IV, a goal which the band realized.

So far, the band has not gone on any major trips during my time there, other than for highland games. In the first season with the band they brought me out to central Michigan at Alma, to northern Kentucky, and the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin. That does not mean, however, that there has been no memorable moments. For example, one of my cars died during Waukesha in 2014, and my girlfriend and I had an overnight car ride with one of my bandmates all the way home to Bloomington – a six hour drive. As a debacle, it is very similar to the Incident at Burbank while I was playing with Mesa.

In any case, I am looking forward to many years with the Fountain Trust Pipe Band!